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As an essential part of every electronic device, a printed circuit board is important not only because it establishes electrical connections between various components, but also because it carries digital and analog signals, high-frequency data transmission signals, and power lines. With the introduction of technology by 5G communication PCB PCBA manufacturers, the data transmission speed has been effectively improved. With the application of 5G communication technology, the application frequency of electronic products is getting higher and higher.

5G PCB Application Field

5G technology is a new innovation in the telecom industry. It is an iteration of existing cellular 4G technology. The 5G technology could break records for high-speed and reliable internet connections, cellular and satellite communications. 5G PCB application areas involve large enterprises, entertainment and multimedia, smart home, autonomous driving in the automotive field, surgical and medical fields, technology, mobile and satellite communications, and the Internet of Things.


Industrial AR

In the production process of smart factories, the role of human beings is indispensable. However, it will be crucial to enhance the realization of AR in the factory of the future, and the AR device and the cloud will be connected through a wireless network. The information processing function of the device needs to be moved to the cloud, and the AR device only has the function of connection and display. AR devices will obtain real-time information through the 5G network, such as production environment data, production equipment data, troubleshooting guidance information, etc.


Industrial Automation Control

Industrial automation control is the most basic application in manufacturing plants, and its core is a closed-loop control system. In a typical closed-loop control process, the period is as low as ms, so the system communication delay needs to be ms or even lower to ensure that the control system can achieve precise control. At the same time, there are extremely high requirements for reliability. If the delay in the production process is too long, or the control information transmission error in the data transmission process, it may cause production stoppage and cause huge economic losses.


Logistics Tracking

The 5G network has comprehensive coverage. In terms of logistics, the 5G network can well meet such needs. From warehousing management to logistics distribution, connection technologies with wide coverage, deep coverage, low power consumption, large connections, and low cost are required. Furthermore, the end-to-end integration of the factory spans the entire life cycle of the product. Connecting widely distributed sales products also requires a low-power, low-cost, wide-coverage network, and horizontal integration within or between enterprises also requires a ubiquitous network.

5G Communication PCB Application Trends

Adapting the PCB design to accommodate 5G networks has clear advantages—better performing devices with more innovative features that won’t slow down their systems due to performance issues. The PCB market will continue to grow as demand grows for more powerful and adaptable devices and the components that drive them. As more and more consumers in all walks of life are turning to 5G devices, the demand for PCBs will naturally continue to grow. In addition to meeting consumer demands and achieving better profits, production facilities with the proper tools and processes to adapt to technology—rather than lag behind technology—will continue to grow as trends change and reach expands.

Why is 5G important to PCB?

Data Flow

Industry application

You often hear the term 5G when discussing smartphones and other consumer electronics, but these improvements are already extending 5G coverage to a variety of areas, including the medical, automotive, manufacturing, retail, entertainment and communications industries. Wider usage equates to higher demands on PCB technology and PCB manufacturers. It also introduces modern PCB innovations to industries that have not yet fully realized the potential of the technology, such as agriculture, expanding the scope of 5G PCB.

Customer Awareness

Data Flow

In the future, 5G will handle all mobile data traffic thanks to its speed, low latency, versatility and reliability. The data will include video, mobile games, telecom and browser usage, and apps. The surge in data traffic requires PCB manufacturers and equipment designers to simplify existing processes and establish new ones to maintain reliable performance and avoid data transmission lags or unstable connections.

Industry application

Customer Awareness

As customers become more aware of 5G coverage and 5G-enabled devices are more readily available in the market, 5G PCB manufacturers must take steps to keep up with the growing and changing demands of the consumer market. As 5G networks change and expand to more domains and devices, the technologies—and the processes and devices used to support them—must be able to adapt quickly.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

With the advancement of the intelligent transformation of factories, the Internet of Things, as a key supporting technology for connecting people, machines, and equipment, is being highly valued by enterprises. In the face of a complex industrial interconnection requirement, the development of 5G technology requires industrial scenarios with different social adaptability, and can meet most of the connection requirements of the Internet of Things. So 5G and the Internet of Things are a complementary relationship. The Internet of Things (iot-RRB-application rely5Gn 5g) provides wireless connection solutions in different scenarios, and the mature 5Gf 5g technical standard also needs to stimulate and promote the demand for Internet of Things applications.

Smart Home

Commercial 5G will overcome the shortcomings of different standards and help connect more types of devices. For smart homes that require different device connections, it makes it possible to connect more home devices. The smart scene extends from the office environment to the home environment, empowering the home scene from the three aspects of life, entertainment, and security, and has become an important direction for the development of the smart home market. In addition to mobile phones, the development of smart speakers in the future is most likely to become an operating system interface for smart homes.

Smart Home
Autonomous Driving

Autonomous Driving

To realize unmanned driving, an efficient car network is first required, which requires the support of 5G network. Since the main research of 4G focuses on the communication between people, 5G forms an end-to-end ecological environment system, which enhances the bandwidth of China Mobile’s network. The peak data rate can be as high as 20Gb/s, and the delay is lower (≤10ms). Higher reliability (>99.99%) and larger bandwidth (one million terminals can be connected per square kilometer). With the continuous advancement of 5G PCB technology, it is expected to usher in fully automated autonomous driving.

Compared with 4G, 5G has higher microwave frequency, faster data transmission speed and larger data traffic. The 5G era requires the support of high-frequency and high-speed PCBs. 5G requires about three times the PCB space of 4G; the demand for high-frequency copper clad laminates is 4 to 8 times. The price of high-frequency and high-speed substrates is still significantly higher than that of ordinary FR-4 substrates by 10-40 times. With the application of 5G communication network technology, the application system frequency of electronic information products is getting higher and higher. Printed circuit boards require not only electrical connections, but also signal transmission. Pay attention to the consistency of signal transmission loss, impedance, and delay.

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