Aerospace PCB Assembly and Aerospace Circuit Board Applications

We are one of the aerospace PCB assembly and manufacturing solution providers. We provide a full suite of value-added electronics manufacturing services from layout, design, and integration to full production for aerospace, aircraft, rocket, and other aerospace circuit board applications.

The Characteristics of PCBA Manufacturing Aerospace Materials

Before you choose any PCB for pcba manufacturing aerospace industry, get a good grasp of exactly how printed circuits should always be designed and constructed to provide very long durations of operation in often quite harsh operating environments, for challenging applications such as space missions ) is very necessary.


Highly Reliable

In the PCB aerospace industry, more robust PCBs are required. These PCBs need to be manufactured to be stronger and more reliable than those used in common electronics. High temperature laminates along with copper and even aluminum substrates help pcba manufacturing aerospace overcome these temperatures.


Order Requirements

In pcba manufacturing aerospace assembly, other functions are also incorporated. A thermally conductive compound such as aluminum must be used to dissipate heat. Critical traces must be shielded and grounded. Since they are exposed to corrosive environments, they need to be sprayed with acrylic spray.


Seismic Ability

Extreme shock and vibration are very common in the aerospace industry. Therefore, aerospace PCBA manufacturers solve this problem by changing the design of the circuit board. As opposed to soldering, the pins are pressed onto the board. This helps hold the components tightly. Soldering and pins are sometimes used in combination.


Professional Aerospace PCB Manufacturing Supplier?

At IBE we have over 10 years of experience in many PCB fabrications and assemblies. No matter how simple or complex your PCB requirements, you can rely on us. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced staff, we can accommodate any of your needs. We also offer prototype assembly and high volume production, which means you can rely on us to meet all your requirements.

Aerospace Circuit Board Applications

Radio Communication

Radio communications are essential in the aerospace industry. They facilitate intercommunication between the crew and the control tower. Aerospace PCBs must be used to ensure that communication is always seamless and efficient.


Aerospace Power

In the aerospace industry, devices powered by a circuit board also need to be manufactured from PCBs, and aerospace PCBs are designed and manufactured in such a way that they can withstand power fluctuations.


LED Lighting System

Light-emitting diodes are mainly used in the aerospace industry for lighting. LED for aerospace must be fabricated with PCB. A small mistake in PCB LED design can turn into a disaster. The industry’s highest standards must be met when manufacturing aerospace LED.


Electronic Flight Instrument

Electronic flight instruments are on the flight deck. It displays flight data electronically. It is the multifunction display of the aircraft. Plus, it’s one of the most sensitive parts on the plane. The aerospace PCBs used for their manufacture must be designed to ensure durability and shock resistance to most limbs that the aircraft faces.


Aerospace Sensor PCB

PCBA is essential for manufacturing sensors in the aerospace field. They are especially important in detecting signals, pressure and heat, among other things. Due to the sensitive role they play, sensors must be robust and reliable. Therefore, aerospace PCB manufacturing must meet the highest manufacturing standards in the industry.


Radar Device

Stability and high reliability are critical to the aerospace industry. Radar devices help transmit radio waves. These are very important in communication. PCB manufactures aerospace radar. These PCBs are able to withstand the hazardous and extreme environmental conditions these devices are exposed to. It plays a key role in the safety of the aerospace process.


We have aerospace expertise and dedicated project management as well as top-notch quality and systems to manage aerospace customers’ complex PCB product requirements. We use an advanced thermal compound to isolate the heat sink to fill the PCB and reduce vibration issues with pre-tinned strands with some extra spacing between components. It also supports aerospace printed circuit boards to maintain terminal profile current and ensure sufficient solder quality for accurate coating. Before finalizing, we review thermal profiles, heat settings for reflow soldering, wave soldering processes, and conduct a full J-STD compliant inspection and control system for military aerospace PCB assemblies. Our manufacturing facilities have extensive certifications to cater for complete turnkey PCBA manufacturing aerospace solutions.

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Aerospace PCB Design

The manufacturing and design process for avionics PCBs is quite different from simple electronics. In fact, it needs to meet the strictest industry manufacturing standards. Maintaining the best standards of manufacturing and design as a professional PCB design expert requires maintaining advanced software, ever-evolving hardware, skilled workers and many other conditions. PCB have many applications in aerospace. As one of the suppliers of aerospace PCBA manufacturing services and solutions, IBE offers a variety of certified aerospace solutions, PCB assembly and prototyping.

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