Which industries are Printed Circuit Boards Used in?

Which industries are Printed Circuit Boards used in? Printed Circuit Boards are widely used in various industries, and the electronic products you use daily are assembled using Printed Circuit Boards. Think about your smartphone, tablet, computer, and more. The plane you take on a business trip, the car you drive to work, the CT scanner for sick checks, the electric drill tools for home use, washing machines, refrigerators, and microwave ovens are all assembled using Printed Circuit Boards. The applications of Printed Circuit Boards go far beyond these listed industries. No matter what industry the electronic products are in, you can find all kinds of PCB shadows.

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Printed Circuit Boards, or PCBs, are at the heart of many electronic devices. In our daily life and work, we come into contact with many electronic devices and tools, such as electric drills, hair dryers, fans, microwave ovens, mobile phones, notebooks, relays, CT scanners, communications, cars, airplanes, etc. But we may not know how these devices are composed. The core of these devices needs to be used with Printed Circuit Boards.

Consumer Electronics

The most common application area for Printed Circuit Boards is consumer electronics. Electronic equipment has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life. IBE provides high-quality PCB for consumer electronics suppliers.

Communications: Cell phones, smart watches, computers, fax machines, and radios all use PCBs as the basis of their products.

Computers: At the heart of desktop computers, workstations, laptops, and satellite navigation systems are PCBs.

Entertainment Systems: Televisions, cameras, mp3 players, camcorders, toys, stereos, DVD players, and game consoles all have circuit boards at their core.

Appliances: Electronic components are used in almost all modern household appliances, such as microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, blenders, alarm clocks, and coffee makers.

Vehicle Electronics

Auto parts and PCB have an inseparable relationship. In the modern automotive industry, vehicles are equipped with various advanced electrical components that control the vehicle’s electronics. Here are some common applications of PCBs in vehicles:

Navigation: Navigation systems are already commonly integrated with automobiles. These systems all use PCBs.

Control systems: Control systems such as automotive control systems, power supplies, fuel regulators, and engine management use circuit boards to monitor and manage the car.

Automotive radar: Automotive radar systems help drivers detect nearby obstacles to avoid collisions by sensing surrounding objects and distances. These systems are managed through high-quality PCB operation.

Media equipment: The car’s audio and video instrument panel is controlled by PCB electronic equipment, and the passenger’s phone or audio and video equipment can be connected to the car instrument panel for playback.

Medical Instruments

Printed Circuit Boards make outstanding contributions to the medical industry, especially in monitoring, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment. These medical devices are usually made using HDI PCBs. The following are some common medical PCB devices.

Scanning equipment: CT scanners, X-Ray, and ultrasound scanners
Monitors: blood glucose testers, blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, pH meters, oximeters, pressure sensors, etc.
Internal devices: pacemakers and cochlear implants, etc.

Industrial Application

Most industrial equipment is an electrical and mechatronic structure. PCBs used in industrial environments are designed to withstand the harsh environments required for high-power applications and the industrial sector. They must withstand high pressure, high temperature, shock, vibration, and noise. Following are some of the applications using Printed Circuit Boards in the industrial sector:

Industrial equipment: Assembly machines, electric conveyor belts, cranes, electric presses, electric drills, cutters, etc.
Power supply equipment: electric vehicle charging station, PCB for charger, power supply, power inverter, power distribution, and other power control devices.
Measuring equipment: electronic scales, pressure gauges, flow sensors, liquid level gauges, temperature monitoring and recording systems, and other variable equipment.


Like in the automotive industry, PCBs have a wide range of applications in aerospace. For example, aircraft, drones, satellites, missiles, helicopters, fighter jets, etc. In aerospace, PCBs must have high precision and durability because the electronic equipment used in aerospace is critical to the safety of the people who operate it. Here are some aerospace applications:

Aircraft/Avionics: accelerometers, pressure sensors, gyroscopes, navigation systems, guidance and control systems for rockets and missiles, infrared sensor-based tracking and control, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors, altitude sensors, torque and force sensors, etc. These electronic devices use PCB as the core and are used in the engines and cockpits of aircraft and rockets. They can be used not only to monitor the functions of the devices but also to send commands to the devices.

Lighting Application

LEDs’ low power consumption, high efficiency, and impressive light output find application in many industries. When the LED is combined with the PCB, the LED gets more functions. Provides more uses for LED lighting solutions. Among them, the most obvious are the display and indicator light.

Automotive industry: LED lights are commonly used in automotive headlights, brake lights, dashboard indicators, and advanced panel displays. These LEDs are mounted on an aluminum PCB for headlights and brake lights. Because of their low manufacturing cost and durability, they are increasingly valued in the automotive industry.

Computer technology industry: The backlights and indicator lights of our laptops, desktops, and mobile phones are made of LED lights soldered on an aluminum-based PCB.

Lighting tools have very important applications for the medical industry. Especially in surgery, first aid, and dental treatment applications, good lighting helps to improve the doctor’s visibility and is more conducive to treatment. PCB LEDs ensure that medical devices are durable and can be used repeatedly in various medical environments.

Residential and household applications: LED lamps have low power consumption characteristics, which can save power consumption and reduce electricity bills when installed at home. They are cheap and have high luminosity. Therefore, the most commonly used lighting application of PCB is in people’s daily life.

5G Application

With the rapid development of the 5G era, the demand for 5G PCBs in automotive electronics, industrial control, and medical equipment continues to increase. 5G PCB products are entering people’s lives step by step. Among the most common applications are:

Communication field: PCB is mainly used in transmission networks, wireless network, data communication, and fixed broadband equipment, especially 5G base station.

Automotive electronics: 5G PCBs are widely used in automotive electronics, including power control systems, safety control systems, body electronics systems, and entertainment communications.

Medical field: 5G communication in electronic medical products is mainly used in high-tech medical equipment in medical devices, such as ultrasound, blood cell analyzers, portable medical equipment, etc.

Safety Equipment

Safety is an issue that cannot be ignored. For individuals, families, enterprises, or countries, using PCB applications can solve many security issues. The type of PCB that is reliable depends on its specific application. Still, all PCBs used in safety and security applications must be highly reliable as these products guard something larger than life. Some security devices using PCBs:

Camera: The equipment used to monitor changes in the surrounding environment, the equipment used to monitor the driving conditions of the car, whether it is used indoors or outdoors, and the core components of the camera are inseparable from the PCB.

Smoke detector: Mainly used in fire protection systems, it is very common in residential buildings, shopping malls, high-speed trains, and other scenes, and its internal functions rely on PCB.

Fingerprint password lock: It is a security device that is a perfect combination of computer technology, PCB electronic technology, mechanical technology, and hardware technology.

Anti-theft alarm: With the continuous development of PCB technology, there are more and more types of anti-theft alarms. However, its ultimate purpose is to provide a layer of security for security.

Find a professional manufacturer for your PCB application

A PCB is a flexible and adaptable component for many applications across various industries. A qualified and experienced Printed Circuit Boards manufacturer can create a cost-effective and easy-to-manufactured PCB solution for any application. If you are looking for a quality and reliable PCB solution provider, IBE can help you.

We provide professional PCB solutions to enterprises all over the world. We work with our customers to create PCBs that exceed their expectations and meet every customer requirement while providing comprehensive expertise, rigorous and reliable quality assurance, and a cost-effective production process. When you choose to work with IBE, you work with a supplier committed to meeting your conditions and the highest quality assurance standards. Our PCB board, manufacturing, and assembly services follow IATF16949 and ISO13485 automotive and medical industry manufacturing standards and ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, UL, and other certification standards. They always pursue the latest certifications to ensure we provide the best services. Our main goal is to help you save time and money and create the highest-quality Printed Circuit Boards.

We can produce it for you no matter what PCB your company needs. We can manufacture single-sided or double-sided, multi-layer, SMT, through-hole, or mixed assembly for you in the most cost-effective way. For more information on PCB manufacturing and applications, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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