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Automotive PCB are key components used in a variety of automotive electronic systems, including sensor systems, engine controls, GPS, security systems, digital displays, and LED lighting. Automotive PCBs must have high reliability, durability, and high quality to ensure safe driving. IBE Group strictly abides by IATF16949 and ISO13485 automotive industry manufacturing standards, adheres to strict quality control process, and has established a 100% comprehensive inspection and control system from source to final.If you’re looking for the best automotive electronics PCB suppliers, We are your trusted partner

Application of PCB in Automotive Industry

Automotive electronics is the combination of electronic information technology and traditional automotive technology. It is the general term for body electronic control and vehicle electronic control. PCBs are widely used in automotive electronics, including power control systems, safety control systems, body electronic systems, entertainment communications, etc.


Navigation Equipment

Existing navigation devices are very common in modern vehicles, and modern cars are basically equipped with GPS navigation systems. By using it, we can freely shuttle in the streets and alleys by using GPS calculation, and we can reach the destination accurately even in strange cities, and this very useful and widely used system is driven by the car PCB.


Control Information System

Automotive control systems, including engine management systems, fuel regulators, and power supplies, employ PCB-based electronics for monitoring and resource management. The intelligent control system transmits information such as fuel reserve, brake light, and speeding light to the dashboard, allowing the driver to safely control the car.


LED Lighting System

Today’s cars are endowed with more functions, LED lighting system is one of them, and the core of these devices is the PCB. For cars, LED lights can not only provide lighting functions, but also create different vehicle styles and add personality. LED lights have longer lifespan and lighting efficiency, PCB plays a vital role in its operation.

What is Automotive PCB

Automotive PCB are circuit boards used in automotive electronics, from engine controls, anti-lock braking systems, and GPS, to rear-view cameras and headlights. Safety is the most important consideration in automotive PCB design and manufacturing. As more electric and hybrid vehicles hit the road, the need for reliable automotive PCBs increases. IBE has professional and rich industry manufacturing experience in automotive PCB assembly and manufacturing.

PCB types and applications widely used in the automotive industry


Ceramic PCB

The core of ceramic substrate circuit boards is made of aluminum nitride or aluminum oxide. It has the characteristics of good thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance.

Applications: Automotive sensors, engine control, anti-lock brake control, power control units, turbochargers, automotive LED headlights

Flexible PCB


Compared with traditional circuit boards, HDI PCB has higher wiring density. It contains blind/buried microvias, and the minimum space for HDI PCBs for automotive is about 75μm/75μm or less.

Application: vehicle computer, audio and video system, vehicle communication system

Ceramic PCB

Flexible PCB

The advantage of this PCB is that it is foldable. It is estimated that there are more than 100 soft boards used in a car. In addition, it has become a trend to replace wiring harnesses with soft boards.

Applications: battery management systems, vehicle display modules, lights, vehicle seat sensors, ABS pressure sensors, transmissions

Perimeter Monitor

Perimeter Monitor

Many cars are now equipped with perimeter monitoring systems that use radar or cameras to measure distance and alert drivers when they approach objects. These systems require high-quality automotive PCB boards to function properly. Perimeter monitors can reduce a driver’s blind spots, help the driver better control the vehicle, and make reversing and parking easier. All perimeter monitors use an automotive printed circuit board to transmit the signal.

Audio and Video Equipment

Many cars on the market today have advanced dashboards that connect the vehicle to the radio or the passenger’s phone or music device. In addition, most of today’s cars are equipped with audio-visual equipment, and the core of these equipment is the PCB. Audio-visual equipment can provide drivers with a better driving experience, such as listening to music while driving.

Audio and Video Equipment
Airbag Control

Airbag Control

One of the most common uses of vehicle printed circuit boards is the deployment of airbags, and safety is one of the most important factors that must be considered in all automotive electronics manufacturing processes. The PCB circuit board is integrated in the airbag deployment rate sensor, which is important to eliminate static electricity and trigger the airbag deployment when required.

Over the years, several new technologies have been introduced in the field of automobile manufacturing. Through these technologies, there have been major transformations, each bringing new developments to the automotive electronics industry. Of these, one of the most popular is the use of printed circuit boards in vehicles. The main function of the latter is to provide mechanical support and electrical connections to the different components of the vehicle. While printed circuit boards are used extensively in vehicles, their applications extend beyond the latter as they are also used in computers, ovens, cell phones, televisions and medical devices, among others.

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As a top PCB manufacturer in China, IBE has rich experience in automotive PCB production and assembly. We offer a wide range of automotive PCBs, including HDI PCBs, Rigid-Flex PCBs, Flex PCBs, Metal Substrate PCBs, and more. PCBs used in automobiles must be manufactured and assembled to the highest standards to guarantee their safety and reliability. Therefore, we strictly control the quality, and all PCBs are 100% quality inspected. Our engineers are experts in the field of automotive PCBs, they will understand your project needs in detail and customize the optimal design for you. If you are looking for automotive PCB fabrication and assembly suppliers, please contact us.

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