Our PCB Board Manufacturing Capabilities

IBE can provide a wide range of PCB Board fabrication and assembly services. We can manufacture low-volume single-sided and double-sided PCBs, as well as more complex multi-layer printed circuit boards. Our professional PCB Board manufacturing capabilities can meet your requirements for almost any type of circuit board.

PCB Board Manufacturing Capability

IBE has a full range of PCB manufacturing capabilities. We have a wide range of PCB assembly services for all your printed circuit board manufacturing needs. From prototype to high-volume assembly, IBE enables fast turnaround of PCBs with instant online ordering and quotes. We provide PCB design and layout services, including converting schematics to finished PCBs. We are an industry-leading PCB manufacturing supplier, providing PCBA services to people and countries worldwide. We are constantly improving our PCB manufacturing capabilities to provide customers with products that exceed expectations.

Rigid PCB Board Manufacturing Capabilities

• Layers: 1-36
•Material: FR4, aluminum substrate, thick copper plate, high density board, rigid-flex board, ceramic board
• Thickness: 0.1-8.0mm
• Thickness tolerance: (t≥0.8mm) ±8%
• Thickness tolerance: (t<0.8mm) ±10%
• Outer layer copper thickness: H oz -20 oz
• Inner layer copper thickness: 1/2 oz -10oz
• Maximum size: 533.4 * 762mm
• Delivery time: 3 – 7 days
•Surface treatment: HASL, lead-free HASL, ENIG, immersion silver, immersion tin, flash gold, gold finger, OSP, carbon ink, peelable mask.Microwell and ELIC Technology

Flexible PCB Board Manufacturing Capabilities

•Number of layers: 1-12 layers
• Substrate Kapton, PI, PET (flexible)/FR4 (rigid)
• Minimum aperture: 0.1mm
•Thickness: 0.05mm+/-0.02mm
• Maximum size: 480*4000mm
• Imposition size: 250*510mm
• Delivery time: 3 – 7 days
• Surface treatment: ENIG, immersion tin, OSP, carbon ink.
• Solder mask color: green, white, blue, black, red, yellow, etc.

Rigid-Flex PCB Board Manufacturing Capability

• Layers: 1-12
• Laminate: DuPont PI, Halogen Free
• Thickness: 0.20 – 5.50mm
• Maximum size: 610X640mm
• Impedance Control: +/-10%
• Surface treatment: HASL(LF), ENIG, immersion tin/silver
• Solder mask color: green, white, blue, black, red, yellow, etc.

Metal Core PCB Board Manufacturing Capabilities

•Number of layers: 1-4 layers
• Metal core board type: common aluminum board, COB MCPCB, copper board,
• Maximum size: 1900mm*480mm minimum
• Size: 5mm*5mm
•Minimum trace & pitch: 0.1mm
• Warpage & Twist: <0.5mm
• Finished product thickness: 0.2-4.5 mm
• Copper thickness: 18-240 um
• Solder Mask: Green, White, Blue, Matte Black, Red.
• Surface treatment: HASL, HASL LF, Immersion Gold, OSP

Ceramic PCB Board Manufacturing Capabilities

•Number of layers: 4-24 layers
• HDI structure: 1+N+1, 2+N+2, 3+N+3
• Quality class: Standard IPC 2
• Build time: 3 days – 5 weeks
•Material: FR4 Standard Tg 140°C | FR4 High Tg 170°C etc.
•Board size: minimum 6*6mm | maximum 457*610mm
• Plate thickness: 0.4mm – 3.0mm

PCB Assembly PCBA Capability

•Types of printed circuit boards: rigid printed circuit boards, flexible printed circuit boards, rigid-flexible printed circuit boards, multilayer printed circuit boards, etc.
• Printed circuit board size: 50*50mm – 774*710mm
•Material: Rigid | Metal Core | Flexible Circuit Board
• PCB shape: any
• Quantity: from prototype to high volume, no MOQ required
• Type of assembly service: quick turn and rapid prototype PCB assembly, turnkey service
• PCBA Prototype: 1-3 days,
• Medium volume: 4-10 days,
• Mass production: depends on BOM

PCB Assembly Capability

IBE Electronics Co., Ltd. provides full and partial turnkey printed circuit board assembly services. We specialize in rigid and flex PCB assembly. Our experienced R&D team and state-of-the-art equipment enable us to cost-effectively meet all your PCBA needs. Our printed circuit board assembly capabilities include but are not limited to those listed below as we continuously upgrade our equipment to maintain. We are industry leaders. We provide a one-stop EMS solution. We can provide you with the best PCBA services.

PCB Assembly1

PCB Assembly

IBE is your perfect partner for manufacturing high-quality, low-volume, medium, and high-volume electronics. We provide various PCBA services, including traditional PCB assembly and surface mount (SMT) assembly. And PCB finishing processes, including conformal coating and silicone potting. We can also provide integrated services such as supply chain management, procurement, and customized packaging. We also provide technical support for all products, such as product manufacturability analysis, product failure judgment analysis, PCB modification, PCB layout, component selection, component replacement evaluation, etc., to solve customer R&D and technical problems, optimize customer resource allocation and enhance customer brand image.

Our PCBA Service Capabilities

 Prototype PCB Assembly
• Turnkey PCBA
• SMD assembly
• BGA assembly
• Small batch PCB assembly
• High Volume PCB Assembly
• Parts inspection
• IC programming
• Function test
• Packaging Concept and Design
• Purchasing Components (BOM Management)

Our PCBA Service Capabilities
PCB Board Manufacturing Capabilities

PCB Board Manufacturing Capabilities

Assembly: components such as 0201 and 01005
Pitch: 0.3mm ultra-high precision QFP, BGA and OPO chips
Comply with: IATF16949 and ISO13485 automotive and medical industry manufacturing standards
Certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, UL certification
Requirements: No MOQ, No Setup Fee, No NRE
Positioning: ±0.01mm
Services: parts inspection, printed circuit board assembly, integrated circuit programming, functional testing, parcel delivery

Quality Assurance

Full participation, continuous improvement, customer first, quality first
The quality policy defines the quality objectives and direction, including the commitment to meet requirements and continuous improvement, is consistent with the company’s goals, and provides a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives.

PCB Inspection

From the moment you submit your Gerber files to the moment you receive your PCB and assemble your PCB, we have a rigorous First Article Inspection process at every step, complemented by a robust NPI program for new products. We generate build files and corresponding programs based on your product information, propose optimizations for your designs, and simplify the manufacturing process of your products.

Quality Assurance

PCB Board Manufacturing Surface Treatment Capability


Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold is one of today’s most popular and widely used circuit board finishes. ENIG consists of two coating layers, 2-4 μ” Au placed on 120-200 μ” Ni. The gold protects the nickel from corrosion, and the nickel protects the base metal plate, allowing circuits to be securely soldered to its surface.


Immersion Silver (IAg) is applied directly to the base metal of the PCB by chemical displacement. It is more affordable than ENIG and is RoHS-compliant. Typical thicknesses for immersion silver are 4-12u”. Because of how copper and silver interact, they will eventually diffuse into each other.

Immersion tin

Immersion tin (ISn) is applied directly to the base metal of the PCB by chemical displacement. It’s a more affordable option than ENIG and Immersion Silver and is also RoHS compliant. Typical thicknesses for immersion tin are 20-50u”. Because of how tin and copper interact, they will eventually diffuse into each other.

Lead-free HASL

Due to concerns over the use of lead in manufacturing, non-toxic and more environmentally friendly types of PCB finishes are gaining popularity. Lead-free HAL finishes use tin or copper paired with nickel to form a protective coating. Lead-free HASL has the same advantages and disadvantages as HASL, except that it is RoHS compliant.


Hot Air Solder Leveling, or HASL, is an affordable finishing option that utilizes tin/lead in creating a thin protective layer on the PCB. Hot air jets are used to remove excess lead or tin from the surface of the circuit board. HASL used to be the industry standard, but due to potential RoHS compliance issues, HASL’s popularity has declined.


PCB surface finish comparisons based on green appeal leave no doubts. Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP) do not introduce toxins into the process. Instead, use organic compounds that naturally bond with copper, forming an organometallic layer that prevents corrosion.

Hard gold

Hard gold applications are durable and have a long shelf life among the most expensive PCB finishes. They are generally reserved for components that are expected to be used in high volumes, with normal thickness rates ranging from 30 μin gold over 100 μin nickel to 50 μin gold over 100 μin nickel. It is not commonly used for solder joints due to poor solderability. Hard gold is commonly used in edge connectors, battery contacts, and test boards.

Multiple types of solder mask options

Green Solder Mask

Green Standard is still a common PCB solder mask option because it keeps everything visible. White text on a green background provides high contrast.

Red solder mask

Red boards are becoming popular because they provide good visibility and contrast for flat surfaces, traces, and even blank spaces. The screen printing stands out against the red color.

white solder mask

White-printed circuit board solder mask applications are becoming increasingly common, as they can make the PCB look particularly good in a clean environment.

Blue Solder Mask

Boards with many labels should consider using a blue liquid photo imaging solder mask because it contrasts dramatically with silkscreen.

Yellow Solder Mask

Lots of new colors are coming, but they can be unmanageable. Yellow is a pleasing color but contrasts poorly with silkscreens and traces, making it difficult to use in any practical application.

black solder mask

Black solder mask creates slightly fewer visibility issues than white options. There’s little contrast, but labels and large components are easy to see.

Industry Leading PCB Board Manufacturing Capabilities

At IBE, standard PCB fabrication refers to full-featured printed circuit board fabrication services. With 17 years of PCB Board manufacturing experience, we have handled hundreds of thousands of projects. IBE can help customers make PCB Boards and provide PCB prototype production and mass production. Our PCB Board manufacturing capabilities include standard FR4/Roger PCB, aluminum PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid-Flex PCB, HDI PCB and copper-based PCB, supporting blind vias, buried vias, plugged vias, impedance control, custom stacked PCBs, etc. We are committed to providing cost-effective business solutions to optimize your product performance and exceed customer expectations.

Our PCBA Services Capabilities

Delivery Time

With a supply chain team of nearly 50 people, we pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times for PCB Board fabrication. Our service hours are never interrupted. Please choose the time option that suits your schedule and budget. Due to the complexity of how to determine turnaround time for PCBA services, our policy is to have all PCB files (Gerber files/other PCB files, etc.), Centroid (Pick & Place PNP files, or XY data or other format files), BOM and All other necessary data or documents/images/photos to complete our assembly work.

Turnkey Service

With our well-established relationships with hundreds of well-known companies worldwide, we provide turnkey PCBA services. We do not mark up part costs. Considering the huge price gap between different suppliers, we only source from reliable suppliers who may not have a price advantage. We will always ask for your consent before making any decisions.

Assembly Options

We offer Surface Mount (SMT), Through Hole (THT) and a mix of both. We also offer single or double sided placement.

Minimum Order Quantity

We have no minimum order requirements. We don’t want you to pay for stuff you don’t need, to save you money.

Our PCB Board Manufacturing Capabilities

We have a full range of PCB Board manufacturing capabilities to meet all your needs for printed circuit boards.

We also provide PCB design and layout services. We can help you convert your schematic into a finished PCB ready for assembly.

We believe that emerging and new technologies need to be accessible and sustainable – which is why we offer competitive pricing for fast, state-of-the-art PCB Board manufacturing capabilities. Our PCB application team ensures that the new technical requirements of customers are understood and seamlessly matched with our PCB Board manufacturing capabilities.

Whether it’s a complex rigid-flex PCB or a specific thermal management solution, we invest time and management resources to ensure our specialty PCB manufacturing capabilities are more than the desired future state on our technology roadmap.

Our DFM (Design for Manufacturing) process begins at the earliest concept or tender stage to ensure a full understanding of all key technical parameters and compliance with manufacturing capabilities.

IBE is a one-stop PCB solution service provider, manufacturer, assembler, and design company, providing PCB Board Manufacturing, assembly, and design services. Here we offer a full range of PCB Board manufacturing capabilities to meet all your PCB needs, including Rigid, IMS, Flex, and Rigid-Flex. Technical PCBs are formed by mechanical and laser drilling with through, buried, and blind vias.
IBE’s advanced PCB Board fabrication technologies and facilities support the rapid turnaround of PCB prototypes, low to high-volume production runs, and consistent performance of final electronic devices.

PCB Board Manufacturing Problems you Will Encounter?

As a professional PCB Board manufacturer, we have more than 80 senior professionals with a master’s degree or above

We can install components including 0201 and 01005, as well as ultra-high precision QFP, BGA and OPO chips with 0.3mm spacing. In addition, IBE Group strictly abides by IATF16949 and ISO13485 manufacturing standards for automotive and medical industries, adheres to strict quality control processes, and has established a 100% comprehensive inspection and control system from the source to the end.

First of all, we check your Bill of Materials (BOM), and send you the list of what we suggest to be substituted by local China parts to save cost for you. And we will send you the datasheets of those substitutions for you to check and verify. We will use it after get your approval.

Either we can ship those spare parts with your completed order so that you have access to them for troubleshooting and repairs, or we can keep your leftover parts in our inventory for your next orders if you think these parts will be used again. You can choose either option.

1. BOM( bill of materials) in excel format, contains the following information: Designators, Quantity, Part Number, Package, Description, etc.

2. Gerber Files

3. Centroid Data (AKA Pick and Place or XY-Coordinate Data)

4. Images, other specifications, or assembly and testing instructions, etc.

We provide customers with technical support such as product manufacturability analysis, product failure judgment and analysis, PCB modification, PCB layout, component selection, component replacement evaluation, etc., to solve customer research and development and technical problems, optimize customer resource allocation, and enhance customer brand image.

IBE has 17 years of accumulated knowledge of PCB assembly service. We have developed a custom MES system in order to ensure top quality at every production. IBE support prototyping and mass pcb production. We verify and test all our PCB components before PCB assembly fabrication. We use high-quality materials such as “ALPHA” Japanese solder paste. IBE ensure to package all the products well during delivery. During the Pcb assembly fabrication, our customers are able to see real-time data of the production process and status. We have an enormous facility with dozens of SMT lines that are able to tackle any project at different size and requirements . IBE source our components from trusted suppliers and manufacturers. We perform AOI and advance X-Ray tests on all the fabricated hardware. We ensure pcb assembly quality over the entire manufacturing procedure. If you are looking for quick turn PCB assembly manufacturer, IBE is here to serve you. We take your project from idea to mass production.

During the PCB assembly service you might encounter diverse pricing from project to project. The pricing calculated through multiple factors such as: 1. amount of the Pcb assembly components 2. PCB layers, 3. PCBA layers (top and bottom or just a single layer) 4. components cost, 5. tests and certification&nbsp; In order to ensure low cost and fast production, always ensure design quality and prototyping before mass production. the larger the quantity during the PCB assembly mass production, the lower the price of PCB assembly service will be. Another factor will be if you choose only PCB assembly or one-stop-service . We suggest to let us handle all the components purchasing, assembly and production in order to ensure lower price and higher consistency.

Our Product Group

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PCB Board Manufacturing Design and Layout Services

According to customers’ requirements from product concept and design to production, we are committed to providing customers worldwide with one-stop product development solutions, winning customers’ trust with very competitive prices and quality services.

Our comprehensive PCB Board manufacture service capabilities ensure a thorough understanding of your project’s technical requirements and DFM ((Design for Manufacturability)). Our PCB design complies with IPC 2200, and PCB assembly complies with IPC-A-610.

As a professional PCB and assembly manufacturer, we also have a better understanding of how to design a manufacturable, reliable, and cost-effective PCB Board than other suppliers. At IBE, you can enjoy one-stop PCB solution services from PCB design and manufacturing to finished prototype and high-volume PCB assembly devices. Our mature engineering methodology ensures efficient, cost-effective designs done right the first time.

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