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Common Applications of PCB Consumer Electronics

When the times are at the forefront, almost all types of industries and sectors, as well as human beings, benefit from printed circuit boards, and as PCBs evolve, they will find new applications in new industries. These are some of the applications you may know that require the use of printed circuit boards.


Communications Equipment

Smartphones, tablets, smart watches, radios and other communication products require PCBs to function. PCB is a necessity in the communication industry. From PCBs for broadcast networks to PCBs for office communications, printed circuit boards enable electronic communications equipment.


Entertainment Systems

Entertainment-related products such as TVs, stereos, and video game consoles rely on PCBs in our daily lives. PCBs are found in everything in home entertainment systems, from DVD players and video game consoles to TVs and stereos and multimedia equipment, and they’re already part of our lives.


Household Appliances

Many household appliances contain electronic components and PCB, such as kitchen appliances juicers, blenders, grinders, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc. Daily-use machines such as washing machines, hair dryers, charging fans, alarm clocks, etc. Almost all modern devices use PCB.

Consumer Electronics Board Assembly

As people’s demand for consumer electronics continues to grow, so does the need for quality electronics PCB assembly. Well-designed and assembled electronic circuit boards are industry leaders in consumer electronics. Whether you’re using devices like smartphones, TVs, game consoles, coffee makers at home, or computers, printers, mice, copiers, and more at the office, you can’t do anything without a reliable PCB. At IEB; we have state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced team to provide quality PCBA services to the ever-growing and dynamic consumer electronics industry.

Consumer Electronics Prototype Assembly Applications​——Material Selection

Miniaturization of PCBA

Advanced Materials

People have higher and higher requirements for consumer electronic products, and always hope to obtain more high-quality experience on the same type of electronic equipment, so the requirements for consumer electronic PCB are also getting higher and higher. In order to meet the versatility, manufacturers have to use some advanced materials to manufacture consumer electronics PCB, such as resin-coated copper, liquid crystal polymers, glass fibers and other advanced materials in circuit boards. In this way, the smart watch can realize various functions such as detecting heart rate, connecting to a mobile phone, and surfing the Internet.

Use of Flexible PCB

Miniaturization of PCBA

From smart watches that monitor body conditions to smart devices that control LED lights and switches with voice, people’s demand for consumer electronics such as wearable devices and smart homes is increasing, so there is a trend of PCBA miniaturization. The PCBs used for these products have high design and assembly requirements, and factors such as space size, layout, and weight need to be considered while ensuring high functionality.

Advanced Materials

Use of Flexible PCB

The emergence of foldable mobile phones and computers means that the consumer electronics PCB market is undergoing tremendous changes. Elastic and flexible electronic devices gradually appear in various electronic markets and are gradually loved by people. At present, there are three types of flexible PCB that are common in the market, namely Rigid-flex PCB, HDI (High Density Interconnect) flexible PCB and flexible PCB.

Consumer Electronics Prototype Assembly Application Market

Consumer Electronics Products

Consumer Electronics Products

In the consumer electronics market, PCB products based on low budget and high reliability are deeply loved by people
IBE supplies high-quality PCBs to consumer electronics manufacturers.
Home appliance circuit board
entertainment circuit board
notebook circuit board
Communication equipment circuit board
mp3, mp4 player circuit board
washing machine circuit board
DVD player circuit board
Digital still and video camera boards

Computer Industry

Another major and widely used area of consumer electronics is the computer industry. In fact, the basis of the electronic circuit board began with the invention of the computer. Therefore, the application of PCB in the computer industry emerges in an endless stream. Motherboard, graphics processing unit (GPU), central processing unit (CPU), RAM, ROM, SD-Cards, SDRAM, DDR1, 2, 3, 4, EEPROM, microcontroller board, keyboard, computer mouse, game mouse, LED screen, Laptops, desktops, etc.

Computer Industry
Consumer Electronics in Life

Consumer Electronics in Life

You won’t find electronic PCBs only in computers these days – although laptops, smartphones, desktops all rely on high-quality printed circuit boards, and PCBs for computers make up a large part of the industry . On the contrary, electronic products containing printed circuit boards can be seen almost everywhere in life. Like in your work, where you’ll find PCBs. Such as printers, scanners, fax machines, fire alarm systems, attendance machines, fingerprint machines, face recognition machines, scanning doors, metal detectors, etc.

Consumer electronics, commonly referred to as home electronics, covers a variety of electronic devices used in daily life. This tends to include devices used for communication, such as smartphones, laptops, etc.; entertainment devices, including smart TVs, music players; and kitchen appliances – microwaves, ovens, etc. These devices are basically equipped with multi-layer printed circuit boards instead of the standard single-layer printed circuit boards. why is that? This is because multi-layer PCBs contribute to its functionality and compact design.

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Consumer Electronics Application Manufacturer

As the core part of consumer electronic products, PCB assembly of consumer electronic products requires professional knowledge and rich experience to handle. Working with a professional PCBA manufacturer can save you a lot of time. If you are looking for a reliable partner, IBE is your best choice. We have been engaged in consumer electronics PCB assembly for many years, and our engineers have rich experience in various consumer electronics PCB assembly solutions. We place quality first, our products and manufacturing processes follow the highest standards, and our ISO 9001, RoHS and IPC certifications demonstrate our commitment to strict quality control.

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