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Industrial PCBA, also known as industrial control board, is a circuit board designed for shock, vibration, extreme temperature, humidity and dust in industrial equipment. Industrial control PCBA boards are used in various industrial control applications. If you are looking for high-quality industrial control PCB Manufacturing and assembly, IBE is your best choice.

Industrial PCB Type

There are many different types of industrial control PCB boards. They differ from commercial off-the-shelf boards because they are created to specific requirements. These boards feature general-purpose input and output (IO) that can be used to interface peripherals such as valves, motors, and sensors.


Single Layer PCB

The most common printed circuit board (PCB) is single layer. Building them requires only one layer of base material. Copper-based conductors are applied in a single layer, on top of which they may have a silkscreen coating or a protective solder mask. The low manufacturing cost of this form of PCB is a crucial advantage. However, it may be used in applications requiring simple circuit


Double Layer Circuit Board

Compared with single-layer PCB, more complex circuits can be mounted on double-layer PCB. They are similar to single-layer boards, except that the conductive material appears on both sides. The advantage of double-panel is that the internal circuit is slightly more complicated. In addition to increased freedom of operation, such boards are a practical choice for higher density circuits.


Multilayer Board

Multilayer industrial PCBs are most suitable for complex circuit systems. These boards have a multilayer substrate sandwiched between insulating layers. The number of layers on a printed circuit board (PCB) can vary from 2 to 8, depending on the complexity of the circuit and manufacturing needs. The most advanced designs use boards with as many as 42 layers.

Industrial PCB Board Application

Industrial PCB Board Design Factors

Electromagnetic Interference

Component Layout

When designing an industrial control PCB board, the placement of components on the board layout is a key factor to consider. Improper component placement can affect the reliability and performance of the final product. During PCB board design, special care must be taken to ensure that components are mounted on the board with at least 100 mils of space between the edge of the board and the mounted components. This ensures that the board and mounting holes are the same size.

Industrial Control PCB Board Material

Electromagnetic Interference

In industrial applications, it is critical to minimize the effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), which can generate noise and disrupt the operation of a PCBA. Choose board components with good quality grounding and shielding. Use shielded cables to connect the board to external devices to prevent unwanted signal coupling. Add filter components such as capacitors and inductors to power lines and signal lines to filter out unwanted noise.

Component Layout

Industrial Control PCB Board Material

The material selection for PCB manufacturing is critical and should be determined according to the specific working environment. For example, polyimide, which is resistant to high temperatures. Ceramic PCBs, which have excellent thermal conductivity and can handle high temperatures and harsh chemicals. PTFE, which has excellent electrical insulating properties. FR-4, FR4 PCB has good electrical insulation properties and can withstand high temperature and chemicals.

Industrial Controller PCB

Industrial Controller PCB

Industrial controller PCB, the brain of an automated factory. The controller is mainly composed of program counter, instruction register, instruction decoder, timing generator and operation controller. It is the “decision-making mechanism” that issues orders, that is, coordinates and directs the operation of the entire computer system.

Industrial Control Instrumentation PCB

There are many types of industrial automation instrumentation PCB. Industrial automation instruments are divided into five categories from the collection, transmission, reflection and processing of information. Testing instruments, display instruments, control instruments, centralized measurement and control devices, automatic control and other equipment.

Industrial Control Instrumentation PCB
Industrial Control System PCB

Industrial Control System PCB

Industrial Control System PCB, is a feedback control system used to accurately follow or reproduce a process. It is an automatic control system that enables a controlled output of an object’s position, orientation, or state to follow arbitrary changes in an input target (or given value).

Due to the advent of robotics and similar technologies, various remote control devices are used in many fields. Printed circuit board assemblies are critical for smooth motion and robust electrical connections between controllers and industrial machinery. Electronics must be rock solid, durable, and able to withstand the harshest environments found in industrial use. Additionally, industrial control PCBs must adhere to stringent industrial SIL and IEC requirements and offer unique design features and form factors for any industrial environment.

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