Ceramic PCB Manufacturing Online

Ceramic PCB Manufacturing Online

Advantages of ceramic PCB online manufacturing

1. Better cooling performance
2. Excellent thermal conductivity
3. Chemical corrosion resistance
4. Low coefficient of thermal expansion
5. Good insulation and high withstand voltage
6. Keep the shape stable, no deformation and warping.

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Ceramic PCB Manufacturing Online

IBE Electronics Co., Ltd provides ceramic PCB manufacturer online (Printed Circuit Board) to meet your company’s needs. Many PCB users find that ceramic boards offer advantages over traditional boards made of other materials. This advantage is due to the fact that these PCBs provide a suitable ceramic substrate for electronic circuits with high thermal conductivity and low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE).

Ceramic PCB are extremely versatile and can replace full traditional PCB with less complex designs and higher performance. You can use them in a variety of products such as high-power circuits, chip-on-board modules, and proximity sensors.

While choosing a suitable ceramic PCB manufacturer online , it is necessary to ensure that the manufacturer has superior processing capabilities. Oxidation must be controlled to provide maximum thermal conductivity and higher temperature resistance. We have 75,000 square meters of factory buildings, 14 fully automatic SMT assembly lines, 4 product assembly production workshops and 6 DIP assembly lines, which can meet all order requirements from samples to batches.

IBE Group strictly abides by industry manufacturing standards, adheres to strict quality control processes, and has established a 100% comprehensive inspection and control system from source to final. We have a PCB Quality Assurance Policy in place to ensure you receive only quality circuit boards. Our quality control team monitors every stage of ceramic PCB manufacturer online to ensure we meet customer requirements and industry standards.


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Quality Assurance

IBE Group strictly abides by IATF16949 and ISO13485 automobile and medical industry manufacturing standards, adheres to strict quality control processes, and has established a 100% comprehensive inspection and control system from the source to the end. Raw materials are purchased from authorized distributors, such as Future, Arrow and Avnet. In addition, IBE has obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, UL certification, Disney FAMA authorization and other certifications. At the same time, the Group can conduct 3C, CE, FDA and UL certification on behalf of customers, reducing the time for customers to apply for certification.

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