Rigid-Flex PCB Design and Assembly

Rigid-Flex PCB Design and Assembly

Rigid Flex PCB Design And Assembly Product Advantages

1. Space requirements can be minimized by applying 3D

2. By eliminating the need for connectors and cables between the various rigid components, board size and overall system weight can be reduced.

3. By maximizing space, the number of parts is usually reduced.

4. Fewer solder joints ensure higher connection reliability.

5. Compared with flexible boards, handling during assembly is easier.

6. Simplified PCB assembly process.

7. Integrated ZIF contacts provide a simple modular interface to the system environment.

8. The test conditions are simplified. Complete testing before installation is possible.

9. Logistics and assembly costs are significantly reduced due to rigid-flex boards.

10. It is possible to increase the complexity of the mechanical design, which also increases the degree of freedom to optimize the housing solution.


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Rigid Flex PCB Design And Assembly

Rigid-flex PCB technology reduces weight and saves space. Today’s small and lightweight consumer electronics are often built using rigid-flex technology, however, a successful rigid-flex PCB design can face many challenges.

Rigid-flex printed circuit boards are circuit boards that combine flexible and rigid circuit board technologies. Most rigid-flex boards consist of a multilayer flexible circuit substrate connected externally and/or internally to one or more rigid circuit boards, depending on the design of the application. Flexible substrates are designed to be in a constant state of bending and often form a bending curve during manufacture or installation.

Designing rigid-flex is more challenging than designing in typical rigid board environments because the boards are designed in 3D space, providing greater space efficiency. By being able to design in three dimensions, designers can twist, fold and roll flex board substrates to obtain the desired shape for the final application package.

We have the best rigid-flex PCB design technology available so we can provide the best product for your application. We can provide rigid-flex for complex multilayer commercial applications or high reliability printed circuit boards. Whatever your PCB needs, we can facilitate the process and ensure you get exactly what you need in short order.

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