IBE SMT PCB Assembly Capabilities

IBE provides customers with a complete SMT PCB service process, the production workshop is equipped with 16 automatic solder printing machines, 36 high-speed SMT machines, 12 medium-high speed SMT machines, 12 online SPIs, 12 AOI and a series of international leading automation equipment . We can mount components such as 0201 and 01005, as well as ultra-high precision QFP, BGA and OPO chips with a pitch of 0.3mm.

Complete SMT PCB assembly service process

IBE has been engaged in the PCB assembly industry for 17 years. We are familiar with every step of the PCB assembly process and can complete your order with high quality and quickly. In order to build your trust in IBE SMT PCB assembly service, we will show you the complete assembly process.

DFM Check: Before SMT PCB production begins, design files are carefully checked to ensure they are valid.

Electronic Component Inspection: In this phase, engineering verifies that all components have been ordered and received against the BOM and PCB board. If there are any errors, they work with the customer to fix them before we start assembly.

IBE formal SMT electronic assembly process

1. Raw materials
2. Board loading
3. Solder paste printing
4. Three-dimensional SPI
5. Surface roughness
6. SMT reflow
7. Automated optical inspection
8. Depth
9. Cleaning service
10. Quiz
11. Final Assembly
12. Packaging

Advantages of our Surface Mount Technology in Design

Supports assembly automation and helps speed up mass production.
Manufacturing costs are reduced due to smaller PCBs. SMDs have a smaller footprint and a smaller board can provide more functionality.
Supports high-speed designs because it can produce dense PCBs.
Fewer assembly defects are produced because the SMT process is easily accommodated for required modifications and upgrades.
Improves signal integrity and reduces EMI as traces between closely placed components become shorter.
Improves reliability of SMT assembled PCBs. Using solder paste instead of molten solder greatly reduces the chance of component failure due to false solder joints.
Provides flexibility, as combining SMT with THT assembly methods provides greater capabilities.

IBE provides professional SMT PCB assembly and fabrication services. We are experienced in surface mount technology and through-hole technology. With advanced equipment and efficient automated production process, we can provide you with one-stop PCBA service from zero to semi-finished products.

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